Joo.Works FeeDback

So you have found an issue with my LUTs or find something I say in my videos mis-information! You know what! I would love to hear that! For I'm learning just like you and need your help as much as you might need my help. So let's learn together!

1. Send me a message,

I need to understand what is this about. For example when did the problem happen or what settings you had in your camera. If we have been talking on messenger or email already and I know what is this about, then you can skip this part.

2. Send me files

For example if you have noticed an error in my LUT files, send me TIFF -still image where we can see the issue and send me un-altered original still from the same frame, so I can try and re-create the issue and then find an solutions for it.

Thanks you! With your help we can all learn!